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0812-701-5790 (Telkomsel) Marine Surveyor PT.Binaga Ocean Surveyor (BOS)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Russian oil refinery sunk due to storm

The foundation sunk Russian oil refinery due to storm
The refinery is owned Gazlofta subsidiary of Russian oil and gas monopli group,Gazprom.A refinery oil rigs at sea frozen far east Russia sank, carrying at least two deathsand more than 50 others missing.

According to local officialsabout 67 people were reported to be above the refineryKolskaya when drilling facility that is being whipped up from Luat around Sakhalin Islandbut was later caught in a storm.

As a result, the refinery sank and so far only fourteen workers were rescuedlocalemergency ministry officials saidas quoted by Russian media."The position of the pole foundation (at refineriesdestroyed chunks of ice andwaves, and then started to leak (consequently) of water into the boat," a ministry spokesman told AFP news agency.The workers had been due to be rescued by helicopter but the aircraft shipmentbasis refinery sank before they could be hurried up the raftthe spokesman added.

weather hinderedWhile efforts to rescue themselveshindered by bad weather. The accidenthappened at about 02:00 GMT (approximately at 09.00 amamid strong winds andtemperatures around -17 celsius 200km off the coast of Sakhalin Island.Officers attempt to pull the two bodies that floated on the site.

"Petus rescuers can see both the body was no sign of life,said the spokesman, adding fourteen people who were saved are now also quite a serious condition.The foundation itself has reported its refineries actually run aground

Two of thefour-passenger raft was found without.Russian investigators reportedly investigating a possible breach of security rulesare made ​​by those responsible for the refinery.Kolskoye refineries are running the procedure of exploration in the westernpeninsula of Kamchatka to the company Gazflota subsidiary of the monopoly rightsof holders of gas exploration in RussiaGazprom

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