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Monday, October 31, 2011

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Monday, 31 October 2011
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Industry News

Arch Coal remains bullish

Company expects strong exports despite flood-induced decline of quarterly net profit.

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Alliance quarterly revenue hits $487.7 million

Results achieved through high coal sales, pricing.

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Newcastle coal prices down slightly

Week on week drop of 0.2% registered.[$]

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Solid Energy to develop new mine in New Zealand

Reddale mine to ensure coal supply for South Island consumers.

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Accenture enters deal with Anglo American

Accenture to provide application development, management services.

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US: MSHA warns of insufficient rock dedusting

Agency reveals 51 percent of mines sampled did not adhere to federal standards.

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Spain pushes new coal labor laws

New law to encourage early retirement for miners.[$]

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Lena Coto Mines to open new mine

New coal mine to open in Cobertoria.

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Shanxi to acquire Pike River

Possible acquisition part of pact with Solid Energy.

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US coal industry pushes for coal legislation

Industry says regulatory power belongs with states.

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Carbunion, unions continues talks

Both sides continue employment talks.


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